Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Memorial service for martyred YPG fighter Kevin Jochim - feelings of sorrow and defiance

The following is an English translation of an article written in German that originally appeared on the Beobachter News website. You can view the original article HERE as well as view additional photographs. The photographs accompanying this translated version are via ANF News. English translation is courtesy of our friends at Insurrection News

Karlsruhe: On Saturday August 22nd around 850 people took part in a funeral march for Kevin Jochim who died aged 22 in early July fighting with the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) against the terorrist militia of IS in Rojava. The mourners marched from Karlsruhe-West train station to the cemetery. About 1000 men, women and children gathered for the funeral.

Among the most moving, but also the most defiant moments of the ceremony was the speech by Kevin's mother. She was proud of her son. At the funeral march and commemoration that was called by the Kurdish Society Center in Karlsruhe the mood on Saturday fluctuated between sorrow and defiance. The police kept their distance from the mourners and directed traffic.

"Kevin's spirit of resistance will live on in our aspirations for the liberty, equality and fraternity of all human beings," the Association of Kurdish Students in Germany (YXK) stated in their tribute to Kevin. Kevin Jochim died on July 6. He joined the Kurdish liberation movment  in November 2012 and fought under the name Dilsoz Bahar in the ranks of the YPG against the Islamic State.

Because of the current political situation in Turkey and Kurdistan his body was not flown from Erbil / Hewer until the 14th of August. After arriving in Germany his body was confiscated by the German public prosecutor's office in Karlsruhe. In all it took a month for his body to finally be released for burial - a heavy burden particularly for the family and friends of Kevin Jochim / Dilsoz Bahar.

"Let's make sure Kevin Jochim / Dilsoz Bahar is not forgotten in the vortex of current events and let's make sure that he is never forgotten. Kevin Jochim / Dilsoz Bahar lives on in our hearts and in our struggles," it said in the invitation to accompany him to his final resting place.

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