Friday, 4 December 2015

Message from a German member of the International Freedom Battalion in Rojava

The following is a translation of a message sent to Revolutionary Action Stuttgart from a German member of the International Freedom Battalion in Rojava. The message was sent on the eve of a Day of Action for Rojava that is taking place in Germany on December 5th. The original article can be viewed here

Greetings from Rojava

Dear comrades,

I greet you on the occasion of the Day of Action for Rojava and hope that it involves a broad spectrum of activists nationwide. I currently find myself in Rojava with the International Freedom Battalion to support the revolution and learn as much as I can about it while I am here.

In Rojava, under the severest conditions of a civil war, a comprehensive councils structure was built to govern all aspects of social life.  All ethnic minorities are an equal part of society and enjoy the same rights.

Also, the role of women has changed radically in a very short time. Women are now represented in all important decision-making structures by at least 40%. They have also organized themselves into their own structures for example the YPJ, affiliated with the People's Defense Forces (YPG) against attacks on Rojava.

Since the beginning of the revolutionary process, Rojava has been under attack from Islamist gangs. In November last year the IS launched a major offensive against the smallest of the three Rojava cantons. Equipped with superior weapons, IS fighters managed to occupy a large part of Kobani canton. The city of Kobani itself came under massive attack and it looked as if it would soon fall. However after more than 100 days of resistance, the People's Protection Units of YPG and YPJ along with other revolutionary fighting forces succeeded in liberating the city. Although the Islamist groups were pushed back and suffered heavy losses, they still represent a major threat to Rojava.

We have also learned of the recent attacks in the center of Paris. The Paris attacks show that it is not just Rojava who IS poses a threat for.  We fear however that now, as so often happens, the ruling classes will use the condemnation of these attacks to advance internal militarization. Right-wing forces will also use these attacks for their inhuman incitement.

In all of this of course it cannot be disregarded that the wars of the imperialists strengthen these Islamists by managing individual preachers of hate to use the discontent and despair of the population to build structures that equip them with the weapons of the West and send them to war. We, the revolutionary left have repeatedly pointed out that the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria ultimately strengthens these exact forces. Germany works closely with the countries that support the religious fundamentalists - whether it be NATO partner Turkey or the Gulf monarchies.

They look to justify their wars with human rights or the establishment of democracy yet exhibit only scorn towards the people who have been displaced and persecuted by these same wars.

This contrasts sharply with the social process that has taken place in Rojava since 2012. It is an important reference point that offers a new perspective for the entire Middle East and far beyond. For the first time in many years there is now a new attempt to establish a free and united society.

In this situation, it is the duty of the internationalist left in Germany to publicly demonstrate solidarity with the revolutionary developments in Rojava and to organize practical solidarity for the progressive forces on the ground.

This solidarity can be expressed in several ways - from organizing actions and demonstration to the direct material support of the population and the combatants in Rojava by collecting money and medicines.

The greatest support we can offer as communists in Germany is to continue the building of a revolutionary movement by further developing the struggle in different political situations and bringing this perspective together within a communist organization and building real counter-power bit by bit.

This will be a long process that will be accompanied by defeats as well as successes. But the more we try to learn from history and current struggles, the better equipped we will be for what lies ahead. So let's learn from the process which led to the struggle for a humane and caring society in Rojava. The struggle for freedom in Rojava is also our struggle.

Long live international solidarity!
For a revolutionary perspective!
For communism! 

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